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Salgood Sam

Comic Book Artist and Illustrator

Teacher Artwork by Salgood Sam

Instructor Overview

Salgood Sam - Comics and Cartooning Instructor

Salgood Sam is a comic book artist and illustrator with over two decades of industry experience. In the early and mid 90’s he worked for Marvel Comics on eight series including Dr. Strange, Nightbreed, Saint Sinner, Spider-Man and Ghost Rider 2099. Since then he’s been organizing Comics Jams, founding Sequential (Canada’s comics news metablog) and working as a freelancer on a variety of animation, comics and illustration projects including the Sam and Max animated series, the Ghostbusters and Terminator 3: Before the Rise comics and contributing to three Eisner winning anthologies! His personal projects, Dream Life, RevolveR and Therefore Repent!, have also garnered much critical acclaim.

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