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Full Time Intensive Portfolio Prep Program

An elite training program where you study with top industry artists working in Concept Art and Illustration

Teacher Artwork by Pierre Raveneau

Who is this for?

Are you lacking strong art skills and a great portfolio?


The Full Time Intensive Portfolio Prep program is designed to help aspiring concept artists and illustrators. By taking this program, you can :


  • Strengthen your fundamentals and improve your art skills
  • Get accepted into the elite diploma programs (such as the Syn Studio Concept Art Diploma Program)
  • Land an industry job and win lucrative art contracts !


Our students are some of the most committed and enthusiastic aspiring concept artists and illustrators from around the world.


More than 50% of our full time students are international (coming on a tourist visa for this program).


Are you hungry to take your skills and portfolio to the next level? Let's see what the program features:


Syn Studio's Full Time Intensive Program works to give you the fatest results through:

  • Immersion

    You will be in the studio all day, and on evenings and weekends, surrounded by passionate artists working in the industry and rapidly progressing students. Immersion is the best way to learn any skill, not just language.

  • Master Coaching

    We'll take you to the next-level and beyond with master coaching and in-depth courses given by top industry artists. The industry is highly competitive. Think of anyone at the top of any highly competitive field; did they have master coaching? You bet they did!

  • Deep Practice

    Not all ways of practising leads to rapid improvement. Deep and focused practice is necessary to strengthen your fundamentals and gain mastery over the essential art skills you need to become a successful artist. The Full Time Intensive Training Program is specially designed to ensure that you're practising the right things, the right way and for the right amount of time so you can become a highly skilled artist as quickly as possible.

  • Other Industry Relevant Activities

    Students in the Full Time Intensive Program will have exclusive access to activities such as coaching sessions, studio visits and art jams hosted by top concept artists and illustrators. These activities, conducted on a regular basis will help you improve faster, make connections and learn how the industry works.

Curriculum Suggestions

The Full Time Intensive Portfolio Prep program provides you with the flexibility of building your own curriculum by choosing from a wide array of drawing, painting, concept design, illustration, and other specialized courses at a variety of skill levels.

A year at Syn Studio is divided in 4 terms : Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Each term has a duration of 10 weeks. Each Full Time student takes 5 courses per term.

However, we provide defined curriculum suggestions for students depending on their skill levels so you can rapidly achieve your artistic training goals.

Below are our typical class suggestions for different skill levels. 

*Repeating courses is normal and it sometimes takes more than 1 term to move between levels.

Where do I start ??

  • 01.

    Register for the program by selecting your term and clicking on the “Register Now” button in the Registration section below.

  • 02.

    After completing your registration process, submit a portfolio along with your CV and a letter of intent. Your are simply required to demonstrate basic competence in drawing, show your passion for art and list your relevant experience and goals.

  • 03.

    Once your application is accepted, we will suggest the appropriate courses for you to start, depending on your level and preferences.

    Submit a portfolio (after registration) and letter of intent and we will suggest the appropriate courses for you to start depending on your level and preferences.

  • 04.

    If your application is denied, your student fees will be fully refunded.

Just one or two terms can make a huge difference to your skill level and portfolio!

Our alumni currently work in top companies such as



International Student Info

This program is more than 50% international students who come from all around the world on tourist visas to attend this unique high value program. Montreal is a word-class student city with very affordable housing. Email us if you have questions.

What do our successful alumni have to say about the program?

Schedule and Fees


  • The Fall 2019 term, which runs from September 30th to December 8th
  • The Winter 2020 term, which runs from January 13th to March 22nd
  • The Spring 2020 term, which runs from April 6th to June 14th
  • The Summer 2020 term, which runs from July 6th to September 13th

Please note that places are limited. Apply now to reserve your space for the next term. We work on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you act too late, you will have to wait.

The fee for a 1 term registration is $1999* and the fee for a 2 term registration is $3799*. Payment plans are available - please email for more information.


Spaces are limited and registration works on a first-come-first serve basis.

See 'Where Do I Start?' for more info.

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