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Sculpting the Head and Features

A 10-week foundations level course where you learn to sculpt heads and represent unique facial features and expressions using clay

Sculpting the Head and Features

Do you have trouble with heads and faces and canโ€™t quite seem to get the correct likeness, sense of form or facial expression? Would you like to be able to accurately represent the human head from any angle with correct proportions, realistic features and convincing facial expressions? Sculpture is a fun and fast way for you as a learner to truly grasp the three-dimensionality of the head and features so you can create realistic artwork that captures the look, emotion and personality of your subject or character concept.

During this 10 week course, you will become proficient in a powerful method for head and facial construction. You will learn to model the bone structure, musculature, facial expression, gaze and personality of your character.

Additionally, you will learn how to sculpt heads and features that reflect the personal characteristics of your subject such as age, weight, facial type and gender. Through three-dimensional exploration, the creation of singular characters, filled with personality and distinctiveness, becomes possible.ย 

Moulding the clay into the correct shape with your hands can train your brain to fully comprehend the three-dimensionality of the underlying forms faster than if you always have to translate the 3D forms into a 2D drawing. After taking this class, you will have acquired the foundation skills and understanding you need so that with further training you will be able to expertly draw, paint and traditionally or digitally sculpt human heads as a professional artist.ย ย ย 

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  • Course Type Special Courses
  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Skill Level
    Special Course
    Special Course

    This course can be taken at any level! Please note that it is more of a theoretical course as opposed to one focused on technique.

  • Language English


Thursdays from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Date of first class:ย October 3rd

Duration: 10 weeks


Foundations of Drawing or equivalent experience (having a foundation in the basics of realistic drawing, such as basic perspective, proportion and shading) is required.

Language requirements: You need at least intermediate level English to take this class (the teacher is bilingual and can explain concepts and give feedback in both languages).

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Required Materials

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Course Outline

Week 1 - Learn to sculpt the skull so you can properly represent the underlying bone structure of the head.ย 

Week 2 - Understand how to model the musculature of the head and neck so your anatomy is solid and believable.

Week 3 - Become proficient sculpting the bones and muscles of the head and neck so you have a strong foundation for creating full head sculpts.ย 

Week 4 - Learn to model basic facial features accurately so you can create a complete head sculpt. Understand how to use facial features to portray character and communicate personal characteristics. This will allow you to represent all sorts of people who vary in face type, gender, age, size, weight and personality.

Week 5 - Become proficient creating complete head sculpts while exploring different postures,ย  statures, angles of head, neck and shoulders so you can skillfully represent different poses and attitudes of your character.

Week 6 - Understand how to apply simple rules to model realistic looking eyes. Learn the best methods for rendering the iris and pupil in sculpture. Acquire the skill to convincingly indicate the direction and type of gaze to make your head sculpt appear more lifelike.

Week 7 - Learn the basics of facial non-verbal communication and become competent in representing the facial expression and underlying emotions of your subject. By skillfully adding signs of muscle tension in the right places you will become capable of creating subtle facial expressions for your character.

Week 8 โ€“ Understand how to create different textures while sculpting with clay so you can render hair realistically and create a more true to life sculpture.

Weeks 9 and 10 - Become proficient in creating full head sculpts complete with expression and personality and gain some key techniques for adding the finishing touches to make a more spectacular sculpture.ย 

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